Sensei Tom Feeds the Bottomless Void of the Blabosphere
I’d like to take the chance to talk about what we’ve been up to over at Web Samurai For Hire.

We’ve been working hard on our core product, our dot-town Biz-Plus Portals. We’ve got a compelling offer for towns and Chambers of Commerce and are actively pursuing sales in New Jersey. We’re leveraging a solid componentized RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework to keep our prices low and our time to market fast. And we’ve got four sites already live for sales, training and exploration purposes:,,, and

It all started with a vision to help local businesses through the pandemic: A new kind of town website, listing all the businesses in a town, with links to their online services. Where else can you go to find a listing of all the businesses in a town?  Google is not the answer, it just pushes that work back on the user. How to make it easier for people to fulfill the ‘Buy Local’ promise? 

The under-utilized new .town TLD (top-level domain) was a perfect ‘hook’. We filled in the blanks on the back-end of our platform once we started working with local restaurants on the digital services they needed to survive and thrive--like online order menus, for which many high-quality, low-cost plug-and-play options are available. With the core pieces in place, we architected the site ground-up from multiple key-user perspectives. And we’ve ended up building the future digital support system for local businesses for towns and small businesses everywhere (Jersey first!). 

Our dot-town website, which we can build in just a couple weeks, is just the beginning. With that foundation in place, every business in town can get a powerful digital upgrade for an unbeatable low price. Restaurants can get an online order menu; retailers can get an ecommerce store; and service providers from healthcare to hair salons can get online ‘smart’ appointments. Chamber members get free custom digital gift cards. And of course our links to existing websites and services boost those sites’ web standing and SEO.

We’ve got big plans for our dot-town sites, including dot-city options, not-for-profit development for struggling towns, and some strategic partnerships. And our competitively-priced managed hosting plans means we’re invested in our clients’, and dot-towns’, success.

Does your town deserve a dot-town website?